A 2020 Summer Part 1

Summer 2020. The Mountain Adventures.

I’ve been less and less active on social media. It’s become some sort of drag for me and I’ve got loads of photos piled up that haven’t been shared/haven’t really seen the light of day. I was originally going to just upload a TON of photos to view, but I feel that my photos are to tell a story. I’ll add a bit more details to read alongside each set of photos.

Pt. 1 - Mountains

This section is dedicated to the few mountain trips I was able to get out to during the summer as COVID restrictions were lifted for a period of time. It starts out with some photos of my friend, Bryce and his girlfriend, Becky. I was thrilled to shoot some couples photos of the two of them as I had never really shot any couples photos before. The frames shown were taken on a beautiful evening in Banff. These two were such a blast to shoot with! Thank you Bryce for asking me to do a session with the two of you.

The next of frames are from a few hikes I did. The first of the two being King Creek Ridge with Tay and her sister, Kenzie. I had done this hike the prior year but had completely forgotten how steep and gruelling it was. With massive elevation gains right off the bat, it was an extremely rewarding hike with stunning views to take in at the ridge. The scenery was incredible to say the least, with varying displays of peak shapes in every direction.

The second hike after was the increasingly popular, Devil’s Thumb with Julia. I was excited to take on this hike because it’s always been on my list of hikes to do. Additionally, I did the God’s Thumb hike the previous year and thought it would be cool to have done each hike given their names. The hike was easier than I anticipated and had 360 degree views and a breathtaking overlook upon the glacier blue waters of Lake Louise.

Another little mountain getaway was with a couple friends on what I remember as one of the hottest days of the summer. I took my Miata out (top down of course) and met up with Jules and Raj in Canmore. From there we ventured to find a nice lake spot to spend sunset and a quintessential summer sunset we received. We hung out and shot into blue hour and I was intrigued by the colour nature presented us. I felt that the colours went so well together when I got home, playing with the combination of primary colours - those that remind me of the 90’s growing up.

I was lucky that my sister was able to come out to visit for a short period of time during the summer. She, Jo, my cousin and I decided to do a quick hike up Rundle. A classic hike to do in the area, but ultimately one of my all time favourites. Nothing like spending some quality time with family. I sure do miss this a lot.

The last hike I was able to do was with Julia again. It is a lesser known trail and by lesser known, the trail is quite difficult to follow at times. It’s basically straight up a very steep hill to a mountain. It turned out to be one of my favourite hikes I did during the summer, despite how steep and windy it was that day. We were rewarded with striking views of the famous Three Sisters peaks, an overlook of the town and the summit to ourselves.

I am extremely grateful to have been able to have had these experiences during the summer and capture them as well. It’s memories like this that I cherish and make the dark times during COVID seem a little brighter when I look back on them.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my summer 2020 photos and enjoy the photos!

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