A Break From Instagram

Taking a Break From Instagram

So I’m taking some time away from Instagram. Some of you may be wondering why I’m doing so. No - nothing is wrong. In fact, I have actually been quite well despite the current situation. 

Like many of you, since lockdown I’ve been faced with quite the change in pace of life. There has been many changes which has taken some time to get used to which has in turn, impacted the way I do things and think about them. It’s been challenging for me to keep busy while not working. Additionally, it’s been tough for me photography wise as I haven’t been able to shoot, hang out with friends or go out to the mountains. With the extra time I’ve had, I’ve found that I have been doing things with the mindset of “no excuses”. I’ve gotten around to doing so many productive things and healthier activities that are good for me. I’ve spent a lot of time taking care of myself and doing all the things that I would have otherwise put off for being “too busy”. The result of this has significantly reduced stress levels and I can confidently say I have learned a lot through these experiences.

Now, one of the reasons I am taking a break from Instagram is to refresh myself creatively. With the mindset of having no excuses, I can make the time to create and shoot what truly motivates and inspires me. Don’t get me wrong, Instagram is a fantastic place to find inspiration and for that reason I am not leaving indefinitely. I feel that over the past couple years, I’ve learned a ton about photography and gained a lot of experience with the platform. I’ve reached the point where I want to continue growing creatively and the way Instagram works with its algorithm, the best way to do so is to simply cut it out for a while. I can focus my energy on experimenting with different compositions rather than centre framing in portrait orientation, learning new colour palettes and tones rather than trying to create a consistent look, and shooting a wider variety of types of photography rather than curating my feed to consist of only one genre. While there is a certain value to being the absolute best at one thing - I want to be a photographer that can shoot it all and be great at it. I don’t want to be tied to just one thing. 

Another main reason for taking a break from Insta is to spend less time on my phone. I’m a true believer that one can learn the most by doing. So if I truly want to learn and grow and a photographer and creator, it’s in my best interest to put down the phone and spend that hour or two shooting where I’d otherwise be scrolling and daydreaming about how good other people’s photos are. If I don’t utilize that time to shoot, it’s an additional one to two hours that I can spend doing something else I enjoy - or spending quality time in person with the people I care the most about in my life. And that’s something that I’ve taken for granted until quarantine. I now realize the true value in personal connections with friends and family. 

Among these and probably other reasons I can’t seem to think of, that is why I chose to be off Instagram for a bit. For the time being, enjoy some photos I’ve shot over the past while. Some were from before lockdown/social distancing restrictions, the majority were shot by myself, and the others with friends have been much more recent since some social distancing restrictions have been lifted. 

Keep washing ya hands. Stay positive. Don’t speak moistly on others. Enjoy the photos :)

Oh ya. I bought a Miata.

first of the roll.

@jacobclark shooting @aidanwagner

walks around the neighbourhood

worth the $1 price tag of this cart.

jdm // euro



@theresazulia asked me to shoot at this awesome vintage location for @daniandersonyyc - a venue for weddings and elopements for those who had to cancel their wedding due to COVID


‘93 Miata 1.6L

fuji superia 400


first hike of the season.


Spot the difference?

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