An Update Since Being Off Insta

So I spent just over 45 days off Instagram completely. I recently logged back into the app just to check any missed messages and whatnot but aside from that, I haven’t been all that active at all.

Despite taking a break from Instagram to refresh myself creatively, I also experienced a tremendous positive impact on my mental health. Beforehand I never really considered myself in a bad position in terms of mental health. However, being off of Instagram I have taken note of some of the benefits and positive impacts towards mental health.

For one thing, I’ve freed myself creatively in a sense that I no longer feel like I should or have to shoot the same types of photos to post/share. I feel much more at peace with what I shoot and I’m much happier shooting what I want, and how I want in order to create a photograph that matches my vision.

Besides that, I’ve realized that I no longer compare myself with others personally or creatively. I’m happy with who I am and with the art I make. No matter what I will continue to have that drive and hunger to improve and learn. I also realize that there will always be people who absolutely love my work while others who don’t - and that’s totally ok. I’m excited that I can create photos that I’m proud of and share them with others purely for the sake of enjoyment. And well, I just love how fun that is. When I first started my Instagram page, my goal was just to share work I was proud of and that I thought others would enjoy viewing as well - that shouldn’t change. I enjoy shooting many subjects - more than just mountains, adventures, and portraits so I’m going to share other work I’m proud I made. An internet audience, like or followers shouldn’t dictate the work I share. I am in control of what I share and how confident I am in work that I put into that image. That to me is what matters the most. 

Additionally, I have spent much, much less time on the phone. I’ve freed up time to do more productive things than scroll through endlessly. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to see work from others that they are proud to share. It’s become more of a healthy balance in my life. I no longer have FOMO (fear of missing out). Instead, when I see friends or others adventuring or capturing something inspiring or epic, I’m genuinely happy and stoked that they are able to share that experience for me and others to see within a couple of seconds and taps on their phone. Because of this, I’m much more content enjoying the moment I’m living in - not vicariously through the lives of other seen from a 5” screen in the palm of my hand. One more major thing I’ve noticed since being off Insta is that my attention span has increased and my focus can be maintained for longer periods of time. 

It’s been a liberating to say the least and a fantastic experience to take a break to go off of Instagram. For anyone reading this, I highly recommend taking a break for yourself and seeing what it does for you. In the mean time, enjoy some photos I’ve shot recently. More photos to come soon. 

Audi with that Windows XP wallpaper vibe


@juliaxmay + @teamltd


all b&w photos shot on Kodak Tri-X, self developed with the help of @johenderson

<3 - allergy season

@theresazulia wearing @teamltd

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