I headed out to Banff for a day to explore and shoot some photos, hoping to find some new places and good light.

I started early in the a.m. to catch a splendid sunrise at Mt. Norquay, looking over the town of Banff. Afterwards, I headed further west to Castle Junction for some quick shots of the towering Castle Mountain. This spot would be ideal for sunset on another day.

After grabbing lunch at a little cafe in Lake Louise, I hiked up to the Lake Agnes Teahouse. The entire way I followed just a single set of footprints from one other person who must have decided to trek through all the snow to get up there. The hike through the deep snow was worth it to arrive at the teahouse. It was calm and peaceful, but at the same time, it had a eerie atmosphere due to the howling gusts of wind, combined with the boarded up and empty teahouse.

Photos taken February 11, 2017

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