Solo Road Tripping pt. ii - Secret Hot Springs

One day. Two hikes. Secret hot springs. Crazy waterfalls. Need I say more?

I had been wanting to visit these hot springs ever since I saw it on Andrew Kearns’ vlog. With careful planning, I figured out what was needed to make this visit happen, since I felt like it’s a spot that flies pretty low under the radar.

With the dates set to be in Washington, the timing worked out to meet up with Alex (@alexandr_ford) while she was free. The two of us met up late in the morning to make the drive out to the trail head. From there, we threw our backpacks over our shoulders and began our hour long hike to the hot springs. I must hand it to Alex - she was still getting over a cold and still soldiered on up the trail.

We were completely awestruck upon our first glimpse of the hot springs. This place was magical and we could already tell. As we made our final descent down the steps to the tubs, we could feel the warm steam come up off the water. These tubs take place of what looks like the singular wooden enclosure, in which the front panel to contain the water had previously been broken down.

Alex and I spent the next three and a half hours soaking in the tubs, chatting, and shooting photos. I know it feels like summer just began, but I can only imagine how much more enchanting this spot would be in the early winter with a light blanket of snow on the ground surrounding.

First glimpse

Final steps down towards the tubs

Toilet with a view

After our hot springs mission, Alex and I decided that since we had some extra time, we would go check out some waterfalls on the way back towards Seattle. The hike up to the falls was beautiful through the drooping trees and the lush, green vegetation. The forestry and vegetation like this is not as it is at home for me. Once we got closer to the falls, we climbed the stairs that were pooling with water from the gushing stream. Even closer to the falls, we drenched ourselves getting within about 30-50 feet from the base. It was a difficult place to shoot photos at, being so close to such a huge waterfall. Not to mention the amount of water and mist spraying and the air rushing past us like a storm. Despite soaking us, it was mildly refreshing to feel at the end of our day’s adventures.

After chatting with Alex on our adventure, she had mentioned her and her boyfriend, Casey were going to Formula Drift in Monroe. I hadn’t even known Formula Drift was happening, and as an avid car enthusiast, I was totally jealous. So the very next morning, I hopped online and managed to scoop a ticket for myself to go watch the qualifying rounds of Formula Drift at the Evergreen Speedway.

I drove up to Monroe, had a quick lunch and made it to the event grounds. I don’t know what I was expecting initially, but it was like seeing the same kind of car scene back home with all the modified Japanese cars. The only difference was that the cars I was used to seeing up here in Canada that we typically import were actually the North American versions of the cars that are still left hand drive. (The reason for that is Canada only has a 15 year rule to import a vehicle, whereas the States has a 25 year rule).

Watching the event in person was such an incredible experience to say the least. It was much more different than seeing it on TV or on YouTube. It’s one thing to see it on a screen with all the slow motion shots and everything, but it’s a whole new level seeing it up close and personal. You’d think you would get bored watching them do the same run over and over again, hour after hour. But the excitement was real to watch them consistently get inches within the wall, possibly scrape a little paint, and see the smoke erupting from the tires. The experience was equally as impressive when you get to smell the burning rubber, hear the squealing tires, engines roaring, and feel the deep backfires popping like small cannons firing. This was definitely something you have to see in person. No words, photos, or videos can express the same feeling for seeing it with your own eyes.

For that exact reason, I chose to take in the event and watch for my solely for my viewing pleasure.

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