The Whole Roll - Kodak Gold 200

As some may know, I am an avid film enthusiast. I’ve been shooting film and developing my own black and white since 2014 and am absolutely in love with it. It’s not often that you see the entire roll of film shot by someone, so I thought it would be cool to share the entire roll of Kodak Gold 200 I shot from the 1st frame to the 24th (25th). Often times, you’ll only see a select amount of frames from someone’s roll - the one’s that are the best, of course. I wanted to share the entire roll because I think it tells a bit better of a story, reveals more about what goes through my mind when I shoot, how I see things, and to show that not every photo I take is perfect. A lot - and by a lot I mean most shots are not that great. There’s a lot that don’t turn out, sometimes it’s bad framing, out of focus, or poorly exposed. I’m not perfect but I enjoy the imperfections and I think that’s what makes everyone’s work unique and interesting.

Read below each photo for a little about the frame. As always, enjoy!

Out with Mark Otter to find some photo locations

Mark in some golden light and golden flowers (probably weeds) [definitely weeds]

The light was hitting the church nicely. Not sure how I feel about this frame

I found something about this interesting. A mix of the light hitting right and the fact that it just looks so abandoned.

I don’t even know what these little shacks are but I’m happy with these frames.

I dig how the lighting looks in the Dollarama but for some reason this frame just doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe another time.

I thought the reflection and sky looked cool at the time. Figured it was worth trying to get a shot out of it.

One of those shots that looked cooler in person. Sometimes you just gotta take a shot and hope for the best.

The Silver Dragon in Chinatown has some of the coolest lights to shoot. I’m quite happy with how these few frames came out.

I really liked how I could get part of the lantern in frame. I wish I framed it slightly lower and got more of the bottom of the sign. Oh well.

After a solid evening of shooting with Mark. It was great for us both to just get out of the house.

Jo a little wet from the waterfalls that I didn’t shoot photos of..

Enderby. Such a great view. When I think of this part of BC in the summertime, this is what I think of.


Jo - a happy kid, happy about her apple


BC vibe.

more vibe.

Jo excited about the beauty weather.

Me - Just a sweaty kid after hiking.

Lake views

Sunset skate at North Glenmore park with Mark R.

I found the colours came out a little odd for this scan

One of my favourite photos from this roll. It came out exactly as I imagined and when you hit that perfect frame and see it when the roll is developed, you just know you nailed the shot.

This firetruck rolled in on the path and then backed out minutes later. Not sure why but it was a cool frame. I thought the film jammed on this last frame but luckily (as you can tell) it did not.

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