The Whole Roll - Kodak Portra 400

Well, I’m back. Happy new year and welcome to 2021. I finally got around to developing this roll of Kodak Portra that I shot back in October/early November. I had completely forgot about it let alone remembered what I even shot. Once I got the processed roll back, I thought I’d try scanning it in as a digital contact sheet. I didn’t really know what to expect, it took me a long time to get it done - especially with all the quirks of scanning on the Epson V600 + Epson Scan software, but the results came out somewhat well.

All that being said, I want to continue to share more of the whole roll because with all that’s being shared on social media and how it’s interpreted, I want to let people know that not all shots come out perfect. In fact, the biggest joy of shooting film is the imperfections. The things that create character. The mistakes that cost you and force you to learn. The imperfections that you had never expected but somehow end up being more visually pleasing. This is it. This is raw. This is the whole roll.

the contact sheet.

first of the roll. shooting at yoho

a classic spot i couldn’t help but capture some blue water


we arrived at the lake in near white out conditions. made the best of all the fog and snow. these frames came out so much better than i had thought they would

a typical shot of the cabin here. had to take a shot just to compare to some digital photos i’ve shot before. i wish i had brought my 28mm for this though

despite the cold, i remember how interesting things looked transitioning from fall to winter

this might be one of my favourite frames on the roll. its got so much contrast between the seasons. the snow on the bottom of the frame leading up to a dead tree on the right and a massive green tree (i don’t know what it is) on the left. the clouds were also interesting - drawing you in from to the top of the frame towards the trees.

these glass pyramids always remind me of like some odd alien space ships.

the muttart with @johenderson

the light here was looking so good. it made the vines on the walls stand out with extreme golden colours while the glass in the foreground contrasted it making some cooler blue tones.

in all of what’s left of little colour nearing the end of fall, the bright red truck drew my attention. the shadows casted by the glass pyramid lends somewhat of some leading lines and some additional interest with the patterns

new office set up. the scene looking through a little fence was extremely odd. in a place empty of all people and seemingly no real way to access, why was this set up so perfectly like that here? must have been those aliens from the space ships.

@johenderson soaking up that warm golden light as temperatures fall

the last colours of fall before winter

i really thought the layers looked interesting. i had no idea how to meter and i did slightly overexpose a bit too much. the light leak makes up for it though.

beautiful light leak

i’ve been here several times but this time this little green shed caught my eye. as fall sets in, the green colours begin to disappear.

a classic @juliaxmay pose

i remember there was quite the chinook arch this day. i knew i wanted to shoot sunset but it was overcast all day. i google searched chinook sunset and immediately decided i needed to go out and shoot.

i’m still getting the hang of shooting film at sunset. these were merely some test frames and the conditions in the sky make it tough to meter regardless if i was shooting film or digital. the cloud cover made the ambient lightly extremely low while the break in the sky at the horizon was extremely bright where the sun was setting.

i’d be lying if i said it wasn’t this magenta looking in real life.

alas, the sky caught fire

blue bird day walks in the neighbourhood.

i didn’t manage to capture it but there was a construction worker tossing stuff out the top window of that house in the middle. thought it would look kinda cool since he was practically tossing stuff on top of the car nearing the right third of the frame.

these couple frames caught my eye. i liked the light blue colours and the fact that you could see the yellow car through the window framed similarly to the beetle in front. it almost looks like it is a reflection.

i love driving in deep snow. there was at least a foot of fresh snow on these roads and i remember going back to calgary to find bright sunny skies and no snow at al

i’m not exactly sure what this little hut was but i thought it looked cool in front of the mountains. it reminded me of some sort of military radio station or something

the snow on the solar panel. does it affect the performance of it? what does the solar panel even power?

i honestly didn’t know i had 1 single frame left. couldn’t pass up on shooting this gorgeous light beaming through and reflecting off the studio bell.

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Film scanner

Film (Kodak Portra 400)

Film camera


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