2021 Recap

It’s that time of year again. Where I like to look back and say, “Well, it’s been a minute since I last shared a blog post. I wish I had done more like I said I would.”

2021 was an odd year for me. Even more so than 2020 for me, personally. I’ve gone through some crazy ups and downs with photography which had me really questioning what it is I am even doing, what I actually enjoy and what I want to do. Like many others I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the effects of the pandemic along with a multitude of other factors.

One key component of my photography that has changed this year is patience. Often times I remember going out to shoot and being so excited about the photos that upon returning home, I would immediately go through the photos and edit them. As a result of the excitement, I’d edit so many photos and be so indecisive as to which photos to keep. The problem that would happen with that would result in one of two things (or both):

1. Having an excessive amount of photos that are too similar

2. Overlooking photos that were actually better, but missed because I was too focused on the excitement of the photos I was thought were best during shooting

I’ve learned it can be important to take some time away from the photos after shooting them to emotionally disconnect in order to view them with a fresh perspective and objectively determine which are the best photos. Film photography has helped me with that and now I can comfortably take digital photos as well and wait on them for days or weeks at a time before going through them.

Looking back, this year’s photo folders were looking pretty empty compared to previous years. I’m hoping to find the time to shoot more during 2022. As for now, so long 2021.

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