Elbow Falls With Hayley

Hayley and I decided to take a quick trip out to the Bragg Creek area for a little adventure and photos before the semester at SAIT starts again. I picked up Hayley from Tim Hortons at around 9:00 a.m., but quickly realized the passenger doors were frozen from washing my car earlier in the week. Once we were settled in the car, we headed west on the Trans Canada.

A short time after getting on the highway, I saw a couple fellow Subies headed out as well (also JDM/RHD), who were likely on their way to Ghost Lake. Something I had to mention just because ;)

We cruised down making a stop or two to capture some of the very snowy scenery before arriving at Elbow Falls. Elbow Falls is one of my favourite locations to shoot at - especially in the morning when the sun just peeks over the tree-covered mountains. The moments there were spectacular. It was the way the golden light was falling over us, illuminating the sparkling mist arising from the river. I’ve been to the falls several times, and each time I am surprised with how many different looks I can get depending on the season and lighting. If you haven’t been here, it is most definitely a must-see at any time, or any season if you are in the area.

Photos taken January 8, 2017

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