Grotto Canyon.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year!

I took a little trip with my girlfriend and my sister (who is visiting from Montreal for the holidays). We went out to Canmore for an easy hike through Grotto Canyon. The hike isn’t so much of an incline, but the icy trail leads to some frozen waterfalls and a cave further along. The waterfalls are incredible and are well worth the short trek. After spending some time slipping and sliding around on the ice, we continued our way towards the cave. At first glance, the hill to get up to it doesn’t look so bad. However, once halfway up, we immediately realized how steep it really is. The fun part for me was going back down since I was able to just hop and slide most of the way, and again for the return trip down the frozen creek. It was a perfect little hike for the day, before it started dumping snow - which made the highway quite slick on the drive home. 

Again, happy new year! Here’s to more adventures and exploring in 2017!

Photos taken Dec. 31 2016

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