35mm Portra 400 vs Digital - Comparison

I recently posted a set of my favourite frames from my first roll of Kodak Portra 400. Like I mentioned, I was mindful of the frames I took, and tried to shoot the same or similar frames on my digital camera just to compare.

I’m still trying to to find the best methods that yield clean, accurate results from my Epson scanner. I’ve found scanning Portra was a heck of a lot easier than Kodak Gold, which is what I typically shoot with. Overall, I’m quite pleased with this first roll and I can’t wait to shoot some more!

Below you’ll find the vertical frames with the digital on the left, film on the right. For the horizontical photos, digital is on the top, film is on the bottom. For comparison, the digital photos were shot at a focal length of 28mm, while the film was shot at a focal length of 35mm.

Using Format