Fuji Superia XTRA 400

Fuji Superia has been known to be a popular film stock available at many drug stores. I’ve shot a fair amount of this film in the past and was never really too pleased with the results. With more experience shooting with film, I’ve learned that Superia is quite a light hungry film. In earlier days of shooting with it I always shot at box speed using my in camera meter. Now knowing that this film likes a lot of light, I decided to pick up some rolls and try shooting it again. This time I set my meter to 200 and using my in camera meter in my FM2, metered for either the mid tones or shadows. This made sure I overexposed by at least 1-2 stops.

I wanted to try this film in particular knowing how it renders deep greens and pinkish highlights. I’ve been waiting all winter for the grass to turn green again to shoot some colour film and I am so pleased with the results of this roll.

Overall I am quite pleased with the colours. The greens do pop quite a bit and the overall cooler colours vs Kodak Gold or Portra is a nice change. I’m not the biggest fan of the pale pinkish red skin tones, however. I would much rather choose Gold or Portra if I’m aiming to shoot people.

Fujifilm Superia Fuji X-TRA 400 Film
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