Pentax 67 First Roll

I picked up a Pentax 67 in the spring along with the 105mm F/2.4 lens. My initial thoughts on medium format has changed drastically after shooting my first roll. I have primarily been shooting 35mm film mainly due to the significant cost savings. However, the results from such large negatives out of the 67 definitely makes me want to shoot more medium format.

The time of purchasing my Pentax 67 was still in the tail end of winter - beginning of spring. Snow and dead plant life made me uninspired to shoot anything but once the temperatures increased and the spring blooms came to life, I seized the opportunity to shoot some portraits with the beautiful colours (and snuck in some Miata pics too heh). 

The overall experience shooting medium format is honestly quite therapeutic rather than my initial thoughts to be stressful. Instead of being stressed about trying not to waste any frames (as each frame costs approximately $3.00 per), I felt relaxed and confident in my photographic skills. Although taking extra time in framing and composition, I still somehow managed to cut off the feet in the 9th frame, portrait of Theresa. I’m not sure how I managed that but it is what it is and I’m still quite pleased with all frames.

Below are all 10 shots from the roll of Portra 400 beginning with some portraits of Jo, to some frames of my Miata, and ending with a couple portraits of Theresa. Developed locally by Neat Film Lab and scanned myself.

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