Solo Road Tripping pt iii

After watching the Formula Drift qualifiers, I met up with Alex and Casey to say my goodbyes and decided I would head east and start making my way towards Montana. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it there in one shot so I camped along the way and woke up early for a quick sunrise at Lake Wenatchee. A solid recommendation from Alex.

Sunset on the drive to Wenatchee

Washington has the coziest looking cabins

Sunrise self portrait

Early morning mist over the water

After sunrise, I had the entire day of driving to get to Montana. So what better thing to do than to drive on some random forest roads to kill time? I had no idea where they went or if I’d get lost but they seemed like they would be great roads to take a lifted Subie on ;) so if anyone wants to get me a Forester ST/b with a lift…

Spokane, WA

I had to throw in the last photo because I made a quick pit stop in Spokane, WA to visit this giant wagon I remember playing on when I was a child. It definitely brought back good memories.

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