Some photos..

Lately I haven’t really been posting on Instagram anymore. As of now I think I may have posted twice in the last month or so. I’ve still been shooting, but also a bit less. To me, I think Instagram has lost a lot of value and has a result, is not at all of any importance. So usually, I just don’t even remember or think to post anything on there. But since I haven’t been posting, I thought I’d still like to share photos from my adventures and hanging out with friends. Whether or not anyone takes a look, it’s kind of nice to have somewhere to display these photos, at least for myself to look back on and appreciate. With that being said, here’s some photos I’ve taken over the last little bit..

Austin Hickel @fakesora

Ryan Olson @olrightryan

Raj Sandhu @rajeeeee

Taylor Friesen @tayyfriesen

Jonah Steinberg @jonahsteinberg

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