1. Blue Hour With Austin

    2020-03-14 04:09:43 UTC
    I wanted to share these photos on its own because I’m really excited about them. Austin and I went out one Friday evening for a cruise in our cars to just relax and relieve our minds from the stresses of work. We ended up finding this little spot off a…

  2. February 2020

    2020-03-02 05:15:11 UTC
    The end of February is quickly approaching and wow, time goes by fast. I’ve been thinking hard about my future and what I want to make of it. I’ve been brainstorming ideas and thinking about different directions I’d like to go. Looking back on previous work (which I’ve been doing…

  3. Analog Photography In 2020

    2020-01-18 02:25:00 UTC
    I often look back on past photos I’ve taken. It usually gives me a fresh perspective on things and often times gives me a new appreciation for photos I may have overlooked. I recently went through some film photos, both old and new and I appreciate those photos so much…

  4. Solo Road Tripping pt. iv

    2019-12-22 19:34:53 UTC
    I just realized I never finished posting my blog about my solo summer road trip. Soooo guess here it is :) Montana is where I spent the rest of my time for this road trip. The first night in Montana, I ended up car camping in Missoula. I heard good…

  5. Some photos..

    2019-12-22 01:32:53 UTC
    Lately I haven’t really been posting on Instagram anymore. As of now I think I may have posted twice in the last month or so. I’ve still been shooting, but also a bit less. To me, I think Instagram has lost a lot of value and has a result, is…

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