1. Photo talks with Brandon and James.

    2017-01-23 18:02:00 UTC
    Brandon, James, and I met up at Rosso Coffee Roasters in Inglewood. We got together to chat about photography, film, do some critiques, as well as do some shooting. I’ll keep this post short as much of it was just us talking and drinking coffee After coffee, we decided to…

  2. Last minute trip - chasing light in Banff.

    2017-01-23 05:46:00 UTC
    January 22, 2017 I kind of wrote a lot for this post, and I really don’t know how well of a writer I am. If you would like the general gist of everything and skip the all the little details, just read the last bit ;) Today I had last…

  3. Elbow Falls With Hayley

    2017-01-16 18:57:00 UTC
    Hayley and I decided to take a quick trip out to the Bragg Creek area for a little adventure and photos before the semester at SAIT starts again. I picked up Hayley from Tim Hortons at around 9:00 a.m., but quickly realized the passenger doors were frozen from washing my…

  4. Candy Store + Record Store With Jamie

    2017-01-12 16:48:35 UTC
    I’ve shot with Jamie at a laundromat before Christmas. This time, we decided to try shooting at a candy store and a record store to again, stay indoors and keep warm. Shooting indoors definitely puts me out of my element and makes it a challenge. Jamie is so great to…

  5. Grotto Canyon.

    2017-01-01 17:27:00 UTC
    Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year I took a little trip with my girlfriend and my sister (who is visiting from Montreal for the holidays). We went out to Canmore for an easy hike through Grotto Canyon. The hike isn’t so much of an incline, but the…

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