Solo Road Tripping the Northwestern States

As a result of shooting a significant amount in the Banff/Canmore area (what I call the local areas), I had the urge to take a road trip to discover some new places and meet some new faces.

Before I get into any further details, let me back up a bit and explain how this trip came about. For the past few months, I had been renting a room in a house shared with the landlord and another roommate. For what I needed to live, it was great - however, the deal with the landlord was not. After some disputes about randomly increasing rent, the landlord gave all tenants living in the house a 30 day notice of eviction on July 1st. I had already planned on leaving for this trip on the 15th of July, but now I was in a rushed panic to figure out what I would do in the two short weeks leading up to my departure. I decided to pack my belongings, store my Subaru STi, and pack a few bags for the road trip (and when I mean pack a few bags, I mostly mean my camera gear…). It was a busy two weeks but I managed to get everything I needed to get done, done.

Fast forward to July 15th, I was chatting with my friend, Chloe (@chloe.chapdelaine) and she had been planning a trip down the West Coast to LA. We decided to travel out to Seattle together before making a split to different destinations. Day 1 had a bit of a late start - leaving Calgary at about 1:00pm. We drove straight West making a couple quick stops for food, fuel, and mostly to capture some moody, low-laying clouds we love to see from the PNW. Our end mission was to make it to Jones Lake in which we spent a gruelling, jarring, and tail-bone-breaking 30 minute drive on literally the worst road I have ever driven on. By approximately 1:30am, we found a nice little spot to park for the night and wake up just 4 hours later to catch our first sunrise. Boy, it did not disappoint.

After shooting sunrise, we continued our journey south towards the border in order to cross into the United States. I made it through quick and easy, no problems. Chloe on the other hand, had been waived over to be fully searched and questioned. As I waited in the nearby parking area, the inside of her car had been fully turned inside out as border security went through everything. At last, Chloe made it through and we were back on our way. From the border crossing, it was a quick drive to Bellingham, where we met our friend, Ryan (@westwardeast) for some coffee. We met up at Woods Coffee and the first sight to see as we got out of our vehicles was a bald eagle soaring in the sunny blue sky above. FREEEEEEEEDOM BABYYYYYY!

After our little coffee break, we ventured out together to hit up Mount Baker to take advantage of the perfect PNW weather. We had some fun shooting photos, dancing, and hiking. Oh - and not to mention we took in the astounding views which I found to be extremely different than the mountain landscapes I’m used to seeing back home.

Enjoy the photos!

Country Liberty x Basecamp Resort

Back in November I had the pleasure of working with clothing company, Country Liberty and Basecamp Resorts for 3 days and two nights in Canmore.

Country Liberty is a clothing brand started by proud owner, Sawyer Hannay in New Brunswick. As the brand continues to grow, Sawyer has reached out to scope out the scene in western Canada and decided to come visit Alberta’s rockies in order to discover a part of Canada he has never been to. And what better place to team up with and stay at was Basecamp Resorts. Basecamp was an incredible place to call home for those few days, located right off Bow Valley trail in the town of Canmore. It featured us a cozy 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath suite complete with a living room, pull out sofa, full kitchen and access to an amazing hot tub with panoramic mountain views.

In total, we had 8 influencers ranging from bloggers, to models, and of course photographers. Our goal was to connect with each other, explore the area, and create tons of content for both Country Liberty and Basecamp.

On the day one of the retreat, Ebony and I managed to arrive early and check out our suite and have a quiet shoot before settling in. Once the rest of the crew arrived, we spent some time shooting at some of the iconic Canmore locations including the infamous Three Sisters view.

For the remainder of the days shooting product, we managed to get out to Lake Minnewanka in Banff, Vermillion Lakes, spent the most amazing time warming up in the hot tub back at Basecamp, and caught a killer sunrise in Canmore.

We had an absolutely amazing time - no doubt about that. Below you can see some highlights of the retreat, see some Country Liberty product, and get a peek of the incredible hot tub with phenomenal mountain views.

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Yoho National Park

I’ve recently began shooting film once again and couldn’t be more excited. I shot a lot more film a few years ago, shooting a lot more street and city photographs. That all started to stop once I started venturing out into nature and the mountains which somehow ended up in digital photography taking over. I learned a lot during that time, discovered many new places, and fell deeply in love with the joy that nature brings. As for photography, I learned a lot about light, planning, and timing photos, as well as working with what you’ve got since nature can be so unpredictable at times.

Earlier in November, I met with 7 other creatives in Canmore for a Country Liberty retreat. One of my favourite things about photography and the Instagram world is the ability to easily connect and meet with new people that share the same passion and interests.

A small crew afterwards decided to meet up and drive out to Yoho National Park to find some snowy scenery and meet some new faces.

Below are the photos from that day. Shot on my Nikon FM2 and some Kodak Tri-X black and white film loaded.

Images taken December 01, 2018

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