Analog Photography In 2020

I often look back on past photos I’ve taken. It usually gives me a fresh perspective on things and often times gives me a new appreciation for photos I may have overlooked. I recently went through some film photos, both old and new and I appreciate those photos so much more than I had ever thought. Many, and I mean MANY aren’t good photos. Tons that were out of focus (because I can’t focus properly without wearing glasses lol), some just didn’t have a good composition, and some that I just don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I shot it. But they’re all memories to me. They have a more tangible value over phone photos or any sort of digital photograph for that matter. So my goal for the next while at least, is to shoot more film like I once used to. Saying that makes me feel so old. I’m almost dating myself here but the truth ain’t always pretty.

Here’s some unseen film frames from the summer, and some recent film photos I’ve taken with some friends. Shot on either Kodak Gold 200 or Kodak Portra 400

Solo Road Tripping pt. iv

I just realized I never finished posting my blog about my solo summer road trip. Soooo guess here it is :)

Montana is where I spent the rest of my time for this road trip.

The first night in Montana, I ended up car camping in Missoula. I heard good things about this place so I figured why not. I got up for sunrise and walked up the little Water Hill for the view in the first two photos below. Missoula is truly a beautiful place, but I feel like it has so much more potential if you actually know the spots to go to. From Missoula, I made my way North to Kalispell where I met up with my friend, Willow (@willowfantino) to go to Glacier National Park. Glacier is only about a 30-45 minute drive North East from Kalispell. We managed to make it to Lake McDonald just in time for some great light and sunset. The vibe at this lake could not have been any more summer. Families with their children were out playing in the water, outdoor enthusiasts were on the lake paddle boarding, and we tourists were there to take in the views. I really enjoyed the kindness and consideration of the people there whenever anyone wanted to take photos. People there seemed to understand there is a spectacular view and it’s there for everyone to share and enjoy.

Missoula, MO

Willow (@willowfantino)

Lake McDonald

East Glacier

Fire lookout

Sunrise with Marshall (@droptheframe)

Willow sheltering herself from the wind in Jordan’s jacket

@jordankimmons & @jguzman

@willowfantino & @wanderrlex

While in the area, Marshall (@droptheframe) kindly reached out to me and offered a place to stay, shower and then shoot sunrise. With the hot summer heat, it was an obvious choice to take him up on his offer. At Marshall’s, we stayed up playing Yahtzee, got two hours of sleep, and then woke up to hit sunrise at this beautiful fire lookout with panoramic overviews of the reservoir. Although there wasn’t a lot of colour for sunrise, being up there to watch the sun peak over the mountain tops was a truly incredible experience. 

The next couple days I spent exploring the park, hiking some easy trails, driving to East Glacier and visiting Many Glacier for sunrise. There is no part of the park I didn’t enjoy. The entire Going to the Sun Road is absolutely jaw dropping the entire way with stunning views no matter where you look. 

On another night, I met up with Willow once again, along with her good friend, Jordan (@jordankimmons) to go for a sunset hike. We drove out to the trail head and made our way along. Part way up, we ran into Ryan (@ryanresetka), Lex (@wanderrlex), and Jake (@jguzman) getting followed by a goat. If you’ve never been to Glacier National Park, you can expect to see a lot of wildlife there! We decided to hike up to a saddle in order to view Hidden Lake from a different point. Up on the ridge, we experienced 75+ mph winds! I’m not sure if I’ve ever experienced such high wind speeds like that in my life, let alone at the top of a mountain. Nonetheless, the views were phenomenal. We spent only a short amount of time there before heading down and unfortunately, Jordan lost his hat :( big sad. While making our way down, Willow and Lex literally ran into a mama bear and her cub! We turned back after hearing their screaming, and the two of them were lucky enough to scare the bear away. Definitely a closer of a call than any of us would have liked to have been comfortable with. Once we made it down to the parking lot, the parks ranger approached us asking if we had seen a bear. We told him our encounter and he notified us of two other grizzlies near by, but not to worry as we were safe in the parking lot.

Well that kind of wraps up the rest of it. I’m sure there’s more I could talk about for this trip but the photos probably highlight the best of it. Not only that but my writing skills lack and my attention span to write more is also lacking. So ya know, I’m just gonna end it there :)

Some photos..

Lately I haven’t really been posting on Instagram anymore. As of now I think I may have posted twice in the last month or so. I’ve still been shooting, but also a bit less. To me, I think Instagram has lost a lot of value and has a result, is not at all of any importance. So usually, I just don’t even remember or think to post anything on there. But since I haven’t been posting, I thought I’d still like to share photos from my adventures and hanging out with friends. Whether or not anyone takes a look, it’s kind of nice to have somewhere to display these photos, at least for myself to look back on and appreciate. With that being said, here’s some photos I’ve taken over the last little bit..

Austin Hickel @fakesora

Ryan Olson @olrightryan

Raj Sandhu @rajeeeee

Taylor Friesen @tayyfriesen

Jonah Steinberg @jonahsteinberg

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