1. Shooting Cinestill 800T For the First Time

    2023-04-02 16:23:10 UTC
    Cinestill 800T has been around for quite some time now but I’ve never shot it before. On a recent trip to New York City, I stopped by B&H Photo and picked up a couple rolls of it. One 35mm roll and one 120 roll. I saved these rolls for a…

  2. Shoot. Every. Day.

    2023-02-22 01:01:05 UTC
    Looking back at 2022, I realized I didn’t shoot photos all that much. At first, I was just frustrated that I felt like I haven’t taken any “portfolio worthy” photographs in the last couple years. It was only when I looked through my photo archive of the recent past years…

  3. Kansas to Vermont on Film

    2023-01-11 04:30:14 UTC
    Late summer 2022, Jo and I had an opportunity to take a trip from (Emporia), Kansas to (Burlington), Vermont. Prior to our trip, I had little knowledge of what the Eastern part of the United States was like. Much to my surprise, a lot of the scenery felt just like…

  4. Calgary Stampede 2022

    2022-08-25 02:34:28 UTC
    Calgary Stampede 2022 So it’s summer 2022 and I had finally saved up enough to buy a Leica. A camera I’ve been wanting to own since I started shooting film back in 2014. Stampede has always been one of those things that I was never really into but most of…

  5. 2021 Recap Pt. 2

    2021-12-30 21:09:57 UTC

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