Photo Journal

  1. Capturing Snow With On Camera Flash

    2023-07-23 03:06:39 UTC
    I’ll start by saying I’ve never been big on using flash for my photography. I’ve always liked to keep things simple and make use of natural light. For some reason (and I don’t know why), I always perceived photography with artificial light as a kind of cheesy, over-dramatic look or…

  2. Shooting Cinestill 800T For the First Time

    2023-04-02 16:23:10 UTC
    Cinestill 800T has been around for quite some time now but I’ve never shot it before. On a recent trip to New York City, I stopped by B&H Photo and picked up a couple rolls of it. One 35mm roll and one 120 roll. I saved these rolls for a…

  3. Shoot. Every. Day.

    2023-02-22 01:01:05 UTC
    Looking back at 2022, I realized I didn’t shoot photos all that much. At first, I was just frustrated that I felt like I haven’t taken any “portfolio worthy” photographs in the last couple years. It was only when I looked through my photo archive of the recent past years…

  4. Kansas to Vermont on Film

    2023-01-11 04:30:14 UTC
    Late summer 2022, Jo and I had an opportunity to take a trip from (Emporia), Kansas to (Burlington), Vermont. Prior to our trip, I had little knowledge of what the Eastern part of the United States was like. Much to my surprise, a lot of the scenery felt just like…

  5. Calgary Stampede 2022

    2022-08-25 02:34:28 UTC
    Calgary Stampede 2022 So it’s summer 2022 and I had finally saved up enough to buy a Leica. A camera I’ve been wanting to own since I started shooting film back in 2014. Stampede has always been one of those things that I was never really into but most of…

  6. 2021 Recap Pt. 2

    2021-12-30 21:09:57 UTC

  7. 2021 Recap

    2021-12-30 21:09:44 UTC
    It’s that time of year again. Where I like to look back and say, “Well, it’s been a minute since I last shared a blog post. I wish I had done more like I said I would.” 2021 was an odd year for me. Even more so than 2020 for…

  8. Pentax 67 First Roll

    2021-06-17 01:38:00 UTC
    I picked up a Pentax 67 in the spring along with the 105mm F/2.4 lens. My initial thoughts on medium format has changed drastically after shooting my first roll. I have primarily been shooting 35mm film mainly due to the significant cost savings. However, the results from such large negatives…

  9. Fuji Superia XTRA 400

    2021-06-04 17:00:00 UTC
    Fuji Superia has been known to be a popular film stock available at many drug stores. I’ve shot a fair amount of this film in the past and was never really too pleased with the results. With more experience shooting with film, I’ve learned that Superia is quite a light…

  10. A 2020 Summer Part 3

    2021-03-06 03:46:39 UTC
    The final part of these posts to summarize my photography during the summer of 2020 is dedicated to some portrait work. I had the pleasure of shooting some of these portraits for fun as well as some for a Canadian lifestyle and apparel brand, Team LTD. All shots were within…

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