1. The Whole Roll - Kodak Portra 400

    14 Jan 2021
    Well, I’m back. Happy new year and welcome to 2021. I finally got around to developing this roll of Kodak Portra that I shot back in October/early November. I had completely forgot about it let alone remembered what I even shot. Once I got the processed roll back, I thought…

  2. Ilford HP5

    18 Dec 2020
    Some HP5 frames from a couple rolls I shot in September and October. One on an Olympus point and shoot and the other roll on my FM2 Yoho Canada Olympic Park Yes, parking Abandoned park Someone shooting photos of a Lysol mascot on the streets of Edmonton Boba bae Mark …

  3. Not Film

    24 Nov 2020
    I haven’t posted much on Instagram at all lately since Croctober. It’s not that I haven’t been shooting, it’s more that I don’t feel like I care to share much of what I’ve shot. Instagram used to be a large source of inspiration for me. However, it is now full…

  4. The Whole Roll - Kodak Gold 200

    05 Aug 2020
    As some may know, I am an avid film enthusiast. I’ve been shooting film and developing my own black and white since 2014 and am absolutely in love with it. It’s not often that you see the entire roll of film shot by someone, so I thought it would be…

  5. An Update Since Being Off Insta

    29 Jul 2020
    So I spent just over 45 days off Instagram completely. I recently logged back into the app just to check any missed messages and whatnot but aside from that, I haven’t been all that active at all Despite taking a break from Instagram to refresh myself creatively, I also experienced…

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