1. An Update Since Being Off Insta

    2020-07-29 00:59:14 UTC
    So I spent just over 45 days off Instagram completely. I recently logged back into the app just to check any missed messages and whatnot but aside from that, I haven’t been all that active at all Despite taking a break from Instagram to refresh myself creatively, I also experienced…

  2. A Break From Instagram

    2020-06-01 22:38:00 UTC
    Taking a Break From Instagram So I’m taking some time away from Instagram. Some of you may be wondering why I’m doing so. No - nothing is wrong. In fact, I have actually been quite well despite the current situation.  Like many of you, since lockdown I’ve been faced with…

  3. March 2020

    2020-04-12 23:18:18 UTC
    February/March 2020 Staying home and isolating is really making me miss these times. However, looking back on these memories, I find it’s the next best thing. These are moments I’ll cherish forever and serve as a reminder to not take anything for granted. I miss my family, my friends, the…

  4. Effective Lightroom Tips For Efficient Editing

    2020-04-02 00:49:34 UTC
    Being stuck at home in isolation has brought on a lot of boredom and freed up a lot of time for many of us. With so much spare time, it creates an opportunity to learn, grow and develop new skills. I decided I would make a video sharing some Lightroom…

  5. The Importance Of Knowing Your Gear: One Camera, One Lens

    2020-03-29 02:04:03 UTC
    The Importance of Knowing Your Gear: Shooting One Camera, One Lens As you may already be well aware, but new cameras with new features and specs come out all the time. They used to say every year there’s a new camera. With how fast technology is advancing, it seems like…

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