Yoho National Park

I’ve recently began shooting film once again and couldn’t be more excited. I shot a lot more film a few years ago, shooting a lot more street and city photographs. That all started to stop once I started venturing out into nature and the mountains which somehow ended up in digital photography taking over. I learned a lot during that time, discovered many new places, and fell deeply in love with the joy that nature brings. As for photography, I learned a lot about light, planning, and timing photos, as well as working with what you’ve got since nature can be so unpredictable at times.

Earlier in November, I met with 7 other creatives in Canmore for a Country Liberty retreat. One of my favourite things about photography and the Instagram world is the ability to easily connect and meet with new people that share the same passion and interests.

A small crew afterwards decided to meet up and drive out to Yoho National Park to find some snowy scenery and meet some new faces.

Below are the photos from that day. Shot on my Nikon FM2 and some Kodak Tri-X black and white film loaded.

Images taken December 01, 2018

City Nights With Theresa

It’s been a while since I’ve really done anything with my website and I’m sure people aren’t really even checking it out. But I enjoy putting photo sets together and looking back on them for memories and reviewing past work. With that said, I’m starting to put up more work here and there either for your viewing pleasure or my own personal little area to have photos.

Images taken October 20, 2018

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