1. 35mm Portra 400 vs Digital - Comparison

    2019-10-13 22:55:13 UTC
    I recently posted a set of my favourite frames from my first roll of Kodak Portra 400. Like I mentioned, I was mindful of the frames I took, and tried to shoot the same or similar frames on my digital camera just to compare I’m still trying to to find…

  2. First Roll of Portra 400

    2019-09-26 01:49:05 UTC
    While on the road trip in July, I met with Marvin Boyd (@marvinboyd) in Seattle to shoot. After shooting near Green Lake, Seattle, we stopped by the Shot on Film Store where I picked up a few rolls of Portra 400 I’ve always been into shooting film, but for some…

  3. Solo Road Tripping pt iii

    2019-09-23 21:26:14 UTC
    After watching the Formula Drift qualifiers, I met up with Alex and Casey to say my goodbyes and decided I would head east and start making my way towards Montana. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it there in one shot so I camped along the way and…

  4. Solo Road Tripping pt. ii - Secret Hot Springs

    2019-08-27 03:31:36 UTC
    One day. Two hikes. Secret hot springs. Crazy waterfalls. Need I say more I had been wanting to visit these hot springs ever since I saw it on Andrew Kearns’ vlog. With careful planning, I figured out what was needed to make this visit happen, since I felt like it’s…

  5. Solo Road Tripping the Northwestern States

    2019-08-06 17:00:14 UTC
    As a result of shooting a significant amount in the Banff/Canmore area (what I call the local areas), I had the urge to take a road trip to discover some new places and meet some new faces Before I get into any further details, let me back up a bit…

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